Monday, 6 June 2011

Video of my collections

I have posted a video on youtube of some of my collections, this is also featured on my home page of my new website I hope you all enjoy it, I would love some comments please.  Peggy's Collection Video

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

New Business Cards

My latest news is about my fabulous new business cards! I contacted Conrad of KreativeFactory and I asked him for some business cards to compliment my new website.  Although I wanted a vintage feel about them I also wanted something abit edgy too as I want people to realise knitting isnt all about grannies and sweaers that dont fit!  He came up with a perfect design and I am proud to give these out now.  Thank you so much Conrad

Saturday, 28 May 2011

New Website

My new website is born! I have lots of new designs added and lots more to be added still.  Free postage and packaging on lots of items in the UK.  I am so pleased with the way it has turned out and offering vintage inspired knitwear along with other designs too.  There is also a free knitting pattern for a fun beach bag on there too.

One of my favourite new designs is this bolero called 'Pippa' inspired by the Pippa Middleton.

I have lots more designs on the go at the moment so please stop by again to see what I have been making.  Also a fab new giveaway will be added when I reach 2000 followers on twitter so please all make sure you follow me for a chance to win an exclusive prize @peggysknits

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Busy Times

Well I havent blogged for a while, but have been very busy too! I have been writing alot of articles for the creative crafting magazine that can be found here please take a look it is a great magazine and the next issue will be the anniversary halloween one so will be great fun!!

Another bit of news is that I now have a pattern up on ravelry called peggys knits beach bag and it is a bag that I designed and I have had some great reviews from it so I am over the moon!

Also a new range is coming soon to Peggys Knits and my gorgeous niece Heidi has volunteered to model for me and I am getting a professional photographer to take some great shots of her wearing my new range.

My friend Madam Salami is getting married soon and I have recentely made her Damson by Ysolda Teague I loved making this and I am making another for a charity auction to raise money for mencap.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Happy Birthday To Me

Well I have had another birthday, had a great time!! Had lots of goodies, my niece Abigail got me a balloon which was great fun, my other niece Heidi got me a sparkly necklace. Anna (the crystal lady) made me a beautiful bracelet and Avril (Sprinkles Sparkles) made me a lovely little pin cushion which she cross stitched. Sprinkles Sparkles also made me a lovely knitting phone charm for me to give to someone in a swap I am on the UKRAK forum on Ravelry, I love it loads so hope I can bear to give it away when the time comes!!

On a bad note, we have all been ill with a stomach bug :( so hope we dont catch anything else soon. On the road to recovery now and getting busy with the creative crafting magazine and orders for Peggy's Knits shops on folksy and misi.

|I have also been twittering alot recentely its a great way to keep in contact with everyone and it is so handy on my blackberry phone ! my name on there is peggysknits too if anyone wants to add me.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Creative Crafting Mag

The next issue of Creative Crafting magazine is going to include a colourful crafters directory with click through links to everyones websites. It's only £2 for a text link with a description and a button straight to your website. Please join in and grab some cheap advertising (the last issue had over 66,000 views in 2 months) and also to support the team that brings you the magazine. Despite rising costs to produce lets aim to keep our free community magazine available.

You can book your slot on the Creative Crafting Website

Please post this on your blogs and twitter about it, pass it on in any way that you can.
Thank you

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Been some time !!

Well its been some time since I blogged last !!! so I must be doing this on a regular basis. Well first of all we have had the creation of Peggys Knitting Kits, I have done a facecloth/dishcloth cotton one and also a sock knitting one. Each of them come with everything you need, including a bag to put all your bits and pieces into!!

Also it was sprinks birthday!!! so I knitted her a little bunny with a cute little pink dress on, I am so glad she liked it! here is her blog

I then decided that a goth inspired bunny was next and got very creative with my next bunny! I am sure you will all love her, chains and crosses and red netting underneath her skirt too!

I am also working hard on the creative connections website and having knitting chats on there, as well as helping with the magazine that is due out on the 1st April so keep a look out it is a great issue !! Anna and Sprinks are hard at work as we speak and they do a fab job !! Anna is the crystal lady and her blog is here

Well I will promise to blog more and it is my birthday on the 9th April so expect to hear more from me then !!